Hello world!

With just about anything technology related, you always need a “Hello, World!” prototype. Ok, so this blog is NOT about technology, however, I will include some from time to time.

This blog is about everything outdoorsy that interests me. Trip reports, resources, gear reviews, disaster preparedness, trip planning, random thoughts, survival (there’s always an element of survival in any wildnerness adventure, be it camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc.), and whatever else strikes me. I (try to) blog a lot for my professional career, which focuses around technology and business consulting (www.SharePointYankee.com), but, I thought it was high time I needed to have another blog, of my other interests, and this is it.

As far as the name… I think it best describes me. I absolutely love hitting the trail and spending time in the woods. Nothing like a good outdoor experience to clear your mind and keep you sharp in life. I am a thirty-something guy with a wife, 2 kids, far too many pets, a job that I work hard at (and works me hard at times), a house in the suburbs (white picket fence included). Not in the best of shape, but my legs never fail me, even after never training.

I am a bit of a gear-head. I love getting new things, giving them a good run, through. I love scouring through my equipment, and always making sure my “kit” is good. Adding here, removing there… since I ahve a demanding job and a family, I do not get out multiple times a week, or even multiple times a month. I get out when I can.

With that, I think that makes me “Just Your Average Hiker”. That’s it for now, signing off… hope you enjoy this blog, and the great outdoors.

Over and out,


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