ICE, ICE, Baby…

Alright stop, read this post and listen. Just Your Average Hiker’s back with a brand new addition. Sorry folks, I had to do it (and I do feel bad about it!). I was growing up with Vanilla Ice was “big”, and yes, I even went to one of his concerts…. in this post, I am […]


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Just Your Average Tip: Always Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

Before I set out into the woods, even for a simple local day hike, I always leave a copy of my itinerary with The Wife. If I am going with a group, we all leave that information with our significant others, or, a close friend or family member. Before I go, I give the following […]

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Infographic: How to Survive Hypothermia

This from EMS, a special infographic for you today! For two reasons – first, the story which this appeared with on the EMS blog happened pretty close to home. And two, well, I have the next few weeks taken care of for my regularly scheduled, and informal “Just Your Average Infographic Wednesdays” (I am still […]

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