High Life Rating System

As you may have seen on a few reviews on this site, I have enacted the Miller High Life Rating System. As you all know, High Life is the Champagne of beers. And because it is held in such high regard by many folks out there, I thought, what better than to use this as a rating system? Plus, it’s just fun!


Six Pack Ratings
Most of the reviews on this site will use the six pack rating system… from one to six beers. Full beers indicate a single “star” in the rating, so there is a possible rating of zero to 6. Zero being the lowest (all empty beers), and six being the highest (all full beers).

Thirty Pack Ratings
If I am reviewing something that has literally changed my life for the better, almost a religious experience like having children… then it is worthy of a Thirty Pack rating. It doesn’t get better than this!

Miller High Life, The Champagne of Beers, High Life, and probably a few other things are all registered trademarks of Miller Brewing, Co.


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