Infographic: Anatomy of a Backpacker

Not sure where this week’s infographic comes from, but I discovered it on Let Children Play. If anyone reading this knows the original source, please let me know and I will update accordingly! This week’s infographic comes to us from HCC Medical Insurance Services, and is the Anatomy of a Backpacker… I carry much more […]


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Just Your Average Tip: Bring an Extra Tent Stake

Bring an extra tent stake. Chances are, you will lose, break, bend beyond repair, one of your tent stakes. Even if you do not lose one, it may come in handy as an extra tie down for your tarp, or some other use. Image from Lawson Outdoor Equipment I actually keep a couple with me […]

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Lawson Outdoor Equipment Ti Tent Stakes

This is not a review, as I have not field tested these as of yet, but, I did want to make them known, if you did not already know about them, while they are still on sale for $1.50/each. And actually, as of today, 4/9/13 – they are on sale for $1.00 while current inventory […]

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