Happy National S’mores Day!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when family, friends can put their differences aside, and all gather by the warm glow of the fire, and cook up some tasty s’mores! Yes my readers, today is National S’mores Day! Every year, this holiday occurs on August 10th in the good ol’ U.S. of A. […]


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Infographic: The Art and Science of S’mores

Did you guess this week’s infographic topic from last week’s? Well, in any case, more important that building a campfire, is how to properly make and consume a S’more. Although you will want to have some sort of heat source to properly make one… This one is from REI, however I cannot find it on […]

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Infographic: How to Build a Campfire

BE PREPARED, and while you’re at it, burn something, and make some smores. The infographic this week comes to us from ScoutMasterCG.com, a site dedicated to scout leaders. So, if you have no idea how to get out and burn something, this should help. I gave an awesome clue to next week’s infographic in this […]

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