Carrying Water in Winter

Something folks don’t often think of in the winter time, as they transition from 3-season hiking to 4-season hiking, is water. The rest of the year you don’t need to worry much about your water. Toss it in a Nalgene, or in a hydration bladder, and be on your way. When winter comes around, and […]


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Just Your Average Tip: Garbage Bag + Hydration Bladder = ?

What do you get when you cross a garbage bag and a hydration bladder? Today’s Just Your Average Tip. You should already have a garbage bag with you, in fact, you should always have two on you… So, here is another use for a garbage bag, so it is not just extra weight in your […]

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Water Purification

What would a blog about exploring the outdoors be without a post on water purification? Probably a better one than this? 🙂 I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I always try to be over prepared for any trek into the outdoors. After a few occurrences in my life of not having what I needed, […]

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