Infographics: Hammock Camping and Tarps

I would be cheating if I filled the rest of the year up with the infographics from this site (in my opinion at least…), so, I shall include all of these in one post. And instead of killing you with images, since there are a lot, I will link to each one and its respective […]


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Infographic: Tarp Knots

Now we are officially past the halfway point on my quest to deliver 52 weeks of outdoor infographics! This week, we have one again from on how to properly rig a tarp, using a taut-line hitch, and how to properly re-wrap your paracord when you’re done.  

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Tyvek – For the Budget Camper…

Tyvek – whether you know it or not, you are familiar with it. Ever seen a house being built or re-sided? It’s the paper stuff they stick on top of the plywood underneath. Tyvek (by DuPont) is probably the most common brand name of “house wrap”, that acts as a water-resistant layer between the wood […]

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