Infographic: Canisters or Wood?

Again, this week’s infographic comes to us from (these guys are as good as REI as pumping these things out!). This time the infographic deals with the impact of using propane and gas canisters vs. using wood for cooking, lighting, etc. Interesting stats that I never really gave much thought to… have you?


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Esbit Ultralight Stove

I’ve blogged about my kitchen, and I love my MSR Pocket Rocket stove. When I go backpacking, even car camping that comes with me. But, I do love playing around with other gear… Once piece of kitchen gear I have had for at least a decade, is an Esbit Ultralight Stove. There are many ultralight […]

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My Kitchen

I alluded to a post about my “kitchen” in my post yesterday about “Food on the Trail”. That inspired me to actually write this post, as I have been planning to for some time now. This is my “kitchen” for a 1-person backpacking/hiking trip. If I go hiking with my kids and we cook on […]

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