Winter Backpacking Trip Preparation Part 1 of… ?


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My friends and I are in the early planning stages for our winter backpacking trip. We’re all (mostly) married with kids, demanding jobs, etc. So, we don’t get out too often, but, beginning to plan a few months ahead gives us something to look forward to. Even if it is only an over-nighter – we all still cannot wait until the day comes.

In any event – the emails have started flying around today after a chat with one of my good friends last night. And with the excitement already starting to build – I’d thought I would share a few insights from time to time as we plan our trip out. Lots of useful information gets passed around the group – so, here is your little insight.

While in the snippet I reference our backpacking trip from late September, I will get that published soon for you all to use. I have a fancy excel-based backpacking list, by season, gear type, with weights, etc. I just need to do a post JUST on that, and when I do, I will link it into this post.

So today’s email I sent out covers some gear to bring along in the winter, that would be in addition to, or, might already have been in wet, 50 degree weather (where hypothermia is possible!) in the late fall:

As for gear – in addition to the hypothermia-possible gear lists we had floating around… you will want:

– sleeping bag liner if yours is not rated to 0 (it can easily drop below that as well… An emergency blanket stuffed inside a bag will work, and you can also buy nicer ones for anywhere from $30 – $300. At that rate, you might as well buy a new bag 🙂

– WATERPROOF gloves, or at least 2x pairs fleece gloves and waterperoof liners

Neck gaiters/fleece/buffs

– boot gaiters – keep the snow out, and you warmer

– wool winter hats

– additional face protection (if windy or really f-ing cold)

– snowshoes – snow may be deep

– trekking poles with snow baskets

– ice axe (optional – if you slip down an icy slope, you will need this for self arresting)

– heavy wool socks

– hand & foot warmers

– I also suggest both an air pad as well as a closed foam cell pad to keep you insulated from the ground as much as possible, we may be tenting it, and the shelter might be freezing cold.

– If you are carrying water external to your pack, make sure it is insulated in some way. If you are using a bladder, they make insulators for the straw.

More to come as more planning happens!


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