Hiking, Backpacking and Camping Library… for Your Kindle

In a previous post, I listed applications that I carry with me on my Android phone, one of them being Amazon’s Kindle app.

Which got me thinking, I need to create a list of good books and magazines for the Kindle app, that you should have on your phone/tablet when in the outdoors. I will break these down into categories, and each link will bring you to the Kindle store page for the title. Remember after purchasing, to download them to your device BEFORE going out in the woods… as you might not have a reliable or even available internet connection.

Have any of your own suggestions to add? List them in the comments!

I am starting this off with my current list of titles I have on my Kindle app… I will add more over time!


Survival Books

Novels/Short Stories



Books I Wish Were Available on Kindle


4 thoughts on “Hiking, Backpacking and Camping Library… for Your Kindle

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