New Years Reso…whats?


With 2013 just around the corner (and now that we can enjoy it since the world didn’t end – put that in your pipe and smoke it Mayans!), what are your new years resolutions in regards to camping, hiking, and backpacking?

In order to get this out there, here are my resolutions… I’d like to hear yours as well. Please leave a comment!

  • Get out more!
    • Go for at least a ~1 mile hike once or twice a week on a local trail, something within walking distance of the house, so as not too much preparation is required.
    • And bring one or both of the kids!
  • Camp more!
    • Excluding backpacking, we got out once last year. That is terrible. My youngest is old enough now… I plan to get out for at least 4 times this year with the family.
  • Backpack more!
    • Once in the past few years. Once. Ugh! I need to re-prioritize things and get out for more than a dayhike. Already have planned the first backpacking trip of 2013, I plan to at least do 2 or 3 more in 2013.
  • Get in better shape!
    • Changing a few habits, and doing more of the above, should set me on the right track. I have a goal weight, and I want to hit it by summer, without causing more stress than I already have.
  • Blog more!
    • For both work and for my love of the outdoors. Starting off at a good clip already! Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Now let’s see if I can stick to it this year… as previous years have failed me.


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