AMC’s Great Outdoors Resource Packs (GORP)


This GORP is not the trail mix kind, no… although a lot of folks think we are a bit nuts for the things we love (like backpacking in the freezing cold winter, to name an example…). This GORP is from the AMC and stands for Great Outdoors Resource Pack, and, as you may have guessed, is a free resource the AMC has on their site.

The AMC is currently offering 3 free guides

  • Get Fit to Get Out
    • Fitness training for hiking/backpacking
    • AMC GORP recipe
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Choosing boots
    • Choosing a bike
    • Choosing a canoe
    • AMC GORP recipe
  • Get Out with Your Kids
    • Helpful guide to getting outdoors with kids
    • The best campgrounds for family camping in New England and beyond
    • AMC GORP recipe

To get these resources, visit (the AMC’s site), check one of the radio buttons next to the guide you want, enter in your email address, and click Submit. Within minutes, a link to the resource guide will be delivered to your inbox.

In the image below, I have highlighted in red where this is (currently, as of 1/13/13) on their homepage:


There is also a metric ton of other resources on the AMC site – so browse around, or better yet, join the AMC!


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