Changing Trekking Pole Baskets, Part Deux!

In the first post on the subject, I suggested a way to help get your trekking poles on if it is a tough fit.

I guess I spoke too soon in professing my love for my Komperdell Savannah poles, as a week ago, I suffered a loss in my hiking gear family. When checking my equipment over before my backpacking trip last weekend, the larger, middle adjustable shaft of my poles was “locked up” and would not bulge. I removed the lower shaft, and proceeded to use my pliers from my new-ish Tool Logic SLPLY knife/multi-tool to help pull it out, and ended up shredding the aluminum sticking out of the bottom of the pole.

A week to go before a trip where I definitely WANT my poles (not so much a need, but a very severe want), and I was down one. Since I loved my Komperdell’s so much, I wanted to stick with them, plus, I already had the winter baskets.

After some research, I landed on the Komperdell Trailmaster PowerLock Trekking Poles, since the twist-lock ended up being the demise of my last set, I wanted an external clamp-lock style set.

A few days before the trip, they came, and then I tried to take off the winter baskets from my old poles, and transfer them to my new poles – they wouldn’t budge!

I did a little searching around, and low and behold, Komperdell’s website had a great one-page PDF with animation in it to assist in the project (backup link to PDF here), who woulda thunk it?

They suggest either using a hair dryer or hot water… I chose the latter, and it loosened right up!

So, if your baskets are stuck… give it some heat, and then try again!


And the bonus, my son now has his very own trekking pole, with another for spare parts if there is ever a problem with it. He was psyched!


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