Trail Resources: Joe’s Rock–Wrentham, MA


I was driving around last Sunday, looking for local places for hikes with kids, and our new addition to the family, Sasha, a 9-month old Black Labrador rescue from Texas, I drove by Joe’s Rock in Wrentham, MA, and had a chance to get out there this past weekend with my ~2 year old daughter, and Sasha.

More posts to come on hiking with dogs, and a profile of my new hiking partner Sasha! While I am in quoted text land here, southern US states are high-kill shelters, meaning if a dog doesn’t get adopted quickly, the unthinkable happens. If you’re looking for another family member to love and share your love for the outdoors with, I highly suggest checking out Labs4Rescue. They are a fantastic site, and wonderful network of people that brought us our new family member!

This is a relatively small place, but with some beautiful views, and, “The Hatch” from Lost. Overall, we were there for about an hour, and did 1.3 miles checking the place out.


Trails are not marked, and, not technical, unless you are walking down a very steep rocky section, with a dog on a leash, and a ~30lb kid in tow on your back, over some ice, snow, and rocks, with no microspikes. Then it is highly technical! But there is only one spot like that we encountered on the trek we made.

Trail Map

Unfortunately, I haven’t the slightest clue yet on how to show the map without my waypoint picture markers via Trimble, so please excuse the ugly blue markers everywhere!


Below is a copy, but without my trail breadcrumbs… you can see that there is a larger trail system shown, however, at the northern terminus of my trek shown above, the trail ends on private property. I am no longer a teenager who ignores No Trespassing signs, so, I did not investigate further.




Found this excellent resource online, showing the ecosystem of Joe’s Rock from 1990. Great maps showing the terrain and flora of this place:

Trip Profile

Using my handy Trimble Outdoors account, I can show you the map, waypoints, pictures, elevation profiles, trailhead coordinates, and all of that goodness, so, have at it!

In Conclusion…

Unfortunately I do not have many more resources, there is a lot of information if you Google “Joe’s Rock Wrentham MA” on Bing, or Bing it on Google, or Bing it on Bing… whatever your preference – for climbing, but, I am not a climber, and really am not interested in what climbing routes are available.

As soon as I come up with any more resources, I will share them here.

Right across the street from Joe’s Rock is Birchwold Farm, another conservation area in Wrentham with trails… I’m going to hit this soon, and provide another trail resource guide for that place.

Oh, before I let you go, and as I alluded to earlier in this post – I found “The Hatch” from Lost! It definitely was not a tropical island…



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