Campfires and Kids


I never joined the boy scouts as a kid, and have been trying to make up for it for years by teaching myself the ways of the outdoors from trial and error, research, and learning from others. To keep people and nature free from harm, while still enjoying yourself, learning basic skills to survival techniques.

Purposefully, because the BSA cannot seem to treat all people equally, we have decided not to enroll my son into the BSA program, until they can get this figured out, which they have specifically delayed more than half a year. A boy scout is a boy scout, no matter what religion, creed, race, or orientation. Now, where was I…? Ah yes!

I have decided to take it upon myself, to teach him what I know as we go hiking and camping, although BSA or not, I would do it anyways, as I have been doing for years 🙂

This year, since we’ve had a few nice days… and have recently cleaned up the yard, we have a load of sticks which should last us a good bit into the summer months for fires in the Chiminea out on the patio for warmth, light, and obviously, making s’mores!

We also have investigated different ways of starting fires. He’s very familiar with matches and lighters, as he’s seen us light candles, start camp fires, and yes, even get fire going in the Chiminea.


But the other night I sparked some interest, in using a firesteel and some dryer lint. He was enthralled that I didn’t need a match or a lighter to get it going! So this got me thinking… we’re planning another fire and s’mores next week… what else should we try?


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I think we might go with the fire bow. Now, I know how to make one, I’ve just never done it. Kids are great that way, allowing you to try new things, and giving you a reason get off your butt and do it. My dad, bless him, did teach me a lot, but not too much in the ways of the outdoors, I plan to be different in teaching my kids that way. Another good thing about doing this, not only are you teaching yourself how to do this, but, also passing along a very valuable lesson in survival to your kids.

I will report back once we’ve done this, and let you know how it went.

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