Make Dog Leashes from Climbing Rope

Over the weekend before July 4th, we went camping at The Beach Camping Area in North Conway, NH, with my family, and my friend’s family. On our way out on Sunday, June 30th, we stopped at Clark’s Trading Post for some family fun.

We had our dog Sasha with us, however, we needed a place to temporarily kennel our dog, as we could not bring the dog there. So, we found a woman nearby who did just that. When we picked up our dog, she brought her out on a homemade leash made from climbing rope, and using a carabiner. Being a new-ish dog owner, and an outdoorsy guy, I loved it, and had never seen this before.

So, a few days later, I got out some rope (not the good climbing rope, but the stuff you can get from Lowe’s for $40, and is load-tested for several hundred pounds), and cut about a 10’ length.

It was easy to make… a larger loop at one end for me, knotted, and the end tied back with duct tape (electrical tape can also be used), so the knot will not slip, and a smaller loop at the other end, knotted, and also taped back. Add a carabiner for hooking into the collar, and there you go!

Before taping them down, so it does not get all of the adhesive residue on it, test the “non-dog end” and make sure it is a good fit for your hand.

I went with a climbing-rated carabiner, as my dog is in the 75 pound range, and would likely snap a mini keychain carabiner upon spotting a rabbit crossing the trail.

I’ve tested this all month, and it works like a champ!


2 thoughts on “Make Dog Leashes from Climbing Rope

    • Not a Petzl, but a Black Diamond Hotwire… and the leash was not that expensive, did not use actual climbing rope for it (the $40 from Lowes was for 100 feet), so only about $4 plus the carabiner.

      Also going to make a longer one to bring backpacking and hiking, probably 20 – 25′, so she has room to run around at camp.

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