Infographic: How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversions

The infographic this week, while, tailored for your inner chef, is actually very useful in the outdoors. At camp, you have to cook stuff, right? Whether it is just boiling water to dump into a tasty Mountain House bag, or something more complex – there is no doubt you will need to convert something to […]


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Infographic: The Ultimate Black Friday Campout

Maybe you were wondering why I posted the Black Friday camping infographic last week 2 weeks before Black Friday? Well, because I have another one this week on the same subject, but this time from REI. I have no idea why people put themselves through this hell-on-earth shopping frenzy each year. Happy Thanksgiving all! I […]

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Infographic: Black Friday Camping Essentials

This infographic comes to us from TurboTax… and it’s not even tax season! But, do you know what it is? Time to start Christmas shopping? Yuck. I bang it out in one day without going anywhere. Thank you Amazon! I guess this is part of the “death” in the common grouping about life certainties “death […]

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