Infographic: Fun Facts of Bear Grylls

As you can plainly tell, I am running out of options for infographics to post. However, since Man vs. Wild is about the outdoors (wildnerness survival, mostly), I guess this works. So, today’s infographic is: The Fun Facts of Bear Grylls, from It’s comical, so, that’s good!


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Infographic: Estimate Remaining Daylight

This one came from stumbling around on StumbleUpon, and thought it more than quite fitting for the weekly infographic series here @ JYAH. This is an excerpt from the book Show Me How, and in this excerpt, they show you how to estimate remaining daylight. A very useful tool to have in your knowledge kit […]

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Infographics: Hammock Camping and Tarps

I would be cheating if I filled the rest of the year up with the infographics from this site (in my opinion at least…), so, I shall include all of these in one post. And instead of killing you with images, since there are a lot, I will link to each one and its respective […]

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