Infographic: How to Survive Hypothermia

This from EMS, a special infographic for you today! For two reasons – first, the story which this appeared with on the EMS blog happened pretty close to home. And two, well, I have the next few weeks taken care of for my regularly scheduled, and informal “Just Your Average Infographic Wednesdays” (I am still […]


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Settling Down for a Long Winter’s Nap…

This is a checklist for what to do when camping in the winter to ensure you have just as comfortable of a night’s sleep as you would any other time of year out in the sticks… Hot Water About an hour before going to bed, boil up some hot water, and put it in a […]

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Paint the Fence a/k/a Layering Up and Down

Above: me layering up while taking a snack break on the Stratton Pond Trail. If you watched The Karate Kid (the original!), you may remember this scene – “Paint the Fence”. UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN! It’s repetitive. And it is the […]

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