Infographic: Canisters or Wood?

Again, this week’s infographic comes to us from (these guys are as good as REI as pumping these things out!). This time the infographic deals with the impact of using propane and gas canisters vs. using wood for cooking, lighting, etc. Interesting stats that I never really gave much thought to… have you?



2 thoughts on “Infographic: Canisters or Wood?

  1. I don’t think this shows the full picture.

    The wood to burn in a stove or campfire has to come from somewhere. In popular camping areas, people have already burned up all the dead wood, so they’ll collect more from trees. Many people buy wood at home and bring it to car-camping sites, which sometimes transports pests (bugs) to areas they don’t already live. (See “Don’t Move Firewood”)

    When people hike in and camp in remote wilderness areas, the fire pits they build create a small but severe impact. Those burn scars last a long time, especially in an alpine meadow.

    And then of course there’s the risk of a camp fire spreading. Washington is currently in the midst of a state-wide burn ban.

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