Just Your Average Tip: Duct Tape

Now, a lot of hikers and backpackers keep their duct tape either in small rolls in their pack that they’ve either made for themselves, or bought it off the shelf.

Another common practice is to not use up valuable space within your pack, and keep it on something outside of your pack – which also helps for quick access.

One of the most common ways people are doing this, is to wrap their Nalgene or other hard water bottle with the universal soldier of adhesives. I prefer not to do this for my tip listed in this post here. I also like to have this in a place where it is out of the way, and can also serve another function…

For that, I keep my duct tape wrapped about an inch below the handles on my trekking poles. This works as an additional catch when my poles are hanging off the outside of my pack, as well as provides easy access to it. On each pole I have 1 x 50” roll of duct tape (from the SOL kit linked above actually), so as to balance the weight out. I am constantly using duct tape on and off the trail, so, while you might think that is a LOT of tape… I don’t. So there.

How do you carry your duct tape? Let me and my other reader* know in the comments!


* Not a typo.


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