Just Your Average Review: REI Down Booties



While at REI today, doing some early shopping for my next backpacking trip – this one being in the winter – and needing to dry my boots off at night most likely from hiking in the snow all day, I saw these and thought they’d be perfect.

Man was I right. I will follow-up to this after my backpacking trip, but I just pulled these things on over my feet while writing my last blog post, and man, I had to take my feet out of them, they were overheating here in my home office. Which, made me want to instantly blog about this. If you need a pair of winter camp shoes, now is the time to grab these, as of writing this, they are on sale for $26.93!

REI gear never fails to never fail me.

And I think that should do it for posts… for tonight. Goodnight, and an early happy new years!


High Life Rating will be determined after outdoors use on winter backpacking trip.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased using out-of-pocket funds by Just Your Average Hiker. The manufacturer did not offer any compensation or suggestions for review.


2 thoughts on “Just Your Average Review: REI Down Booties

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