Airplane Safety Pamphlets

imageI sit here writing this post on a flight, from roughly 20,000 feet in the air. I just browsed the safety procedures pamphlet, and it got me wondering – why on earth (or above it) do they not include a couple of additional pages on what to do after the crash?

It would seem to me that this would be a given, since they are trying to keep you alive in the first place, having some quick references on signaling, morse code, building a fire, staying warm, etc. would be the logical thing to have in there?

Even with our technology today, there is still a good chance that even if you are flying in the continental United States, that you may actually go down in a remote enough place, and no one will find you for days or even weeks.

So, airlines – why not?

Something like these survival cards along with some first-aid instructions printed into the guide would be an amazing resource to have in the event of a crash. You may never need them, but just in case you do…


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