Just Your Average Tip: Make Your Own Waterproof Matches


Here today with just another average tip, but, maybe not so average?

When you buy off-the-shelf waterproof matches – most you will notice only have the tips covered in wax.

If you do a little searching on the interwebs… you will also find many places telling you that if you make your own, to just dip the tip in wax…

Why doesn’t anyone coat the entire match in wax? *ding* Yeah… think about it. If the rest of the match is sopping wet, then the match won’t do you much good if you really need to burn it down to the hilt.

So, next time you make waterproof matches – Dip the entire match. twice. To make sure you get enough coverage. Put them back in the box (you need the striker!), and then wrap them in one or two plastic ziplock bags.

Also – keep some dry tinder in there as well – If you wear clothes, and own your own washing machine and dryer – put that dryer lint to good use, instead of the landfill.

I think I just expelled about 4 tips in one tip here. That should hold me over for a bit!


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