Lawson Outdoor Equipment Ti Tent Stakes

This is not a review, as I have not field tested these as of yet, but, I did want to make them known, if you did not already know about them, while they are still on sale for $1.50/each. And actually, as of today, 4/9/13 – they are on sale for $1.00 while current inventory lasts! These are going up to $2-2.50/ea in the very near future. Get them while they last!

Stick had a blog post a short while back on MSR Carbon Core Stakes vs Ruta Locura Sorex Stakes. In this post, he mentions the Titanium Shepard’s Hook Tent Stakes from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. I had commented on the post, stating out of all of the things in my pack, the weight I hate the most is of my tent stakes… and since I mainly use a Eureka! Solitare tent, I need about 10 of them, but I always bring about 15 (tarp tiedowns, losing one here and there, etc.).

A few years back, I bought some “lightweight” aluminum stakes off of eBay (shown below). These are definitely lighter than the cheap steel ones you get out-of-the-box with this and most tents, but they are still weighty, coming in at 270 grams for 15 (18g per stake), and they are bulky… when backpacking, especially with a relatively “small” bag for one or more nights at 50 liters, space is somewhat of a premium.



The Lawson Ti stakes are still Shepard’s Hook style – which I prefer, and make of titanium, so they are strong and light, and there are not as bulky. At 6 grams per stake, 15 stakes only comes out to about 90 grams, a savings of 180 grams! Just look at the comparison scale images below!



This is not what you think, I am not becoming an ultralight hiker… I like my heavy doodads, and really don’t mind the weight of most of it. I do take weight into consideration, but I am not sawing off my toothbrush handle and trimming bristles off of it to save weight. This is merely a plug for Lawson – and to let others know about this great product.

Speaking of Lawson – he is a great person to do business with. I had ordered 13 stakes, and Stick had said the price was $1.50, but the site reported $1.95. I noted this on my order, but didn’t really care, it was a difference of $5.85, and not breaking the bank – I wanted these regardless. With my order, came a note, stating that the site reported the price wrong (now fixed!), and he threw in 5 extra stakes (worth more than the $5.85), and would credit me back if I didn’t want the extras. While I have had great experiences with EMS, REI, and other outfitters, you just can’t beat the personalized and great service of a small business.


Worried about waste once you buy your new Ti stakes? Here are some ideas…

  • Use them to tie down wiring for your outdoor Christmas lights
  • Throw them in the bench vice and hammer them into a hook
    • Useful for hanging gear from pipes in your basement!
  • Get out the welder and create some outdoor-inspired metal artwork
  • Use them as a one-prong fork
    • Tie a few together and make a massive 4 pronged fork!
  • Outdoorsy themed chopsticks!
  • Decorative drawer handles
  • Donate them to a charitable outdoor program

3 thoughts on “Lawson Outdoor Equipment Ti Tent Stakes

  1. Great write up! I enjoyed it, and thanks for the shout out. As far as the stakes, they are great stakes, and at $1 each, this is a great deal for sure! I will admit though, I am looking forward to his hi viz stakes coming out…

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