Hammock Camping How-To

I have been a ground dweller for all of my days. When car camping, I do bring along a hammock, although I seldom actually call it home and sleep in it overnight. I think however, I am going to give hammock camping a go, and remove myself from the forest floor as a ground dweller, and move into the trees.

In my research on hammocks and whatnot, I started to notice there is a lot more to hammock camping than just slinging some rope around trees, pitching a tarp, and calling it a day. I was looking around for a quick intro to hammock camping. To all of the new-fangled things like Whoopie slings, Dutch clips, and why would you bring a quilt with you in the woods?

I found such a resource, which is both informational and entertaining, in the form of a series of 11, ~10 minute videos by Shug – from the Hammock Forums, Hammock How-To for Noobs. These were great with introducing me to all of the equipment, methods, and whatnot associated with hammock camping.


Without further ado – follow this link to Shug’s Channel on YouTube for the entire series of videos, and maybe you’ll learn something too, or, at the very least, have a good chuckle.

For another great resource on hammocking (‘mocking? hamming?), one of the most popular posts on my site is not actually by me, it is an Infographic from The Ultimate HangThe Basics of Hammock Camping. Derek has a treasure trove of great information on his site for hammock camping, and, he wrote the book on it (The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping).

See you in the trees!


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