Infographics: Hammock Camping and Tarps

I would be cheating if I filled the rest of the year up with the infographics from this site (in my opinion at least…), so, I shall include all of these in one post. And instead of killing you with images, since there are a lot, I will link to each one and its respective […]


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Hammock Camping How-To

I have been a ground dweller for all of my days. When car camping, I do bring along a hammock, although I seldom actually call it home and sleep in it overnight. I think however, I am going to give hammock camping a go, and remove myself from the forest floor as a ground dweller, […]

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Infographic: The Basics of Hammock Camping

The last infographic I had dug up dealt with something that I do not often, or really, ever do – rock climbing. I stumbled upon this one, which hits closer to home… and I had to share (because I love my infographics)… here is one on The Basics of Hammock Camping, from UPDATE 2/18/13: […]

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