Semi-Infographic: Mass Wildlife Pocket Guide to Animal Tracks

Coming up with honest-to-goodness infographics week after week is becoming a bit of a challenge, so as you can see over the past few weeks of infographic goodness, I am having to widen the scope a bit. So it’s not a fancy dancy web 9.7 infographic… well… the call is still out there for someone to create an infographic for me of the 33 reasons why Just Your Average Hiker’s blog is… well… just average 🙂 I should probably come up with some sort of contest.

Any gear companies out there willing to part with some swag for my reader*?

Click here or on the image to download the printable PDF.



* Yes, still not a typo. THANK you for hanging around this long. I am generally concerned for your safety, should I have a family member come by the house and check on you? hello?


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