Infographic: Fun Facts of Bear Grylls

As you can plainly tell, I am running out of options for infographics to post. However, since Man vs. Wild is about the outdoors (wildnerness survival, mostly), I guess this works. So, today’s infographic is: The Fun Facts of Bear Grylls, from It’s comical, so, that’s good!


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Bonus Semi-Infographic: Animal Attacks in the US

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is 3 infographics in one week! Found this one on the Backpacker Magazine website. This one shows by what animal and where in the United States, by showing you via a “heat map” where you are most likely to encounter specific deadly predators. Check out the article for the gory details…

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Just Your Average Tip: On Bear Bagging…

This was actually part of another post, so I am kinda cheating here on JYAT’s… but I did want to call this out again in case you did not read that post. When bear bagging, of course you want to pack in your food. All of it. Also, you want to bear bag your trash […]

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