Infographics: Hammock Camping and Tarps

I would be cheating if I filled the rest of the year up with the infographics from this site (in my opinion at least…), so, I shall include all of these in one post. And instead of killing you with images, since there are a lot, I will link to each one and its respective […]


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Infographic: Finding the North Star – Sky Tour Infographic

Again, ScoutMasterCG comes through with another great infographic! This one having to deal with orienteering by using the stars, specifically, the north star. An important bit of knowledge to have at your disposal, in case you ever need it. Enjoy!  

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Infographic: Backpacker’s Checklist

Another checklist/infographic this week, however this time coming to us from Outdoor Pros. Always good to review your gear, and make sure you have the proper gear for the trip you are going on! While the list is good, it does not match well to the picture on top, that looks more like its for […]

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