Infographics: Hammock Camping and Tarps

I would be cheating if I filled the rest of the year up with the infographics from this site (in my opinion at least…), so, I shall include all of these in one post. And instead of killing you with images, since there are a lot, I will link to each one and its respective post, rather than all on this page.

The infographic(s) this week hail to us from The Ultimate Hang. This is a fantastic site with virtually all you will ever need to know about hammock camping and hanging tarps, and everything else that goes along with hammock camping.

I love a good hammock, especially a nap in one in the summer… maybe one day I will convert from being a ground dweller?

In any event – enjoy this plethora of infographics! And while you’re at it, you may want to buy his book here: The Ultimate Hang

See what I mean? That would have been cheating…

As of the time of writing this post, 1/10/13, Derek has probably added many more infographics, that I may not have been able to update this list with before its posting, so, be sure to check out his blog for more!


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