Just Your Average Tip: Bring an Extra Tent Stake

Bring an extra tent stake. Chances are, you will lose, break, bend beyond repair, one of your tent stakes. Even if you do not lose one, it may come in handy as an extra tie down for your tarp, or some other use. Image from Lawson Outdoor Equipment I actually keep a couple with me […]


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Just Your Average Tip: Trekking Poles and Wet Weather

Here’s another video tip for you, again recorded when I was at Wachusett Mountain State Reservation over Memorial Day weekend. Same issues – bad orientation, slightly out of breath, but, at least in this video I am not as sweaty! This tip focuses on the importance of using trekking poles when hiking in wet weather […]

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Just Your Average Tip: Follow the Trail Markers

A slight change from normal JYAT programming… with a video tip this week! I was out hiking last Friday at Wachusett Mountain State Reservation in Princeton, MA, recording some video of the trip. While I was there, I recorded a few tips along the way, here is the first one! More videos to come, tips, […]

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