Just Your Average Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, June 16th, 2013), I thought I would put together a short gift guide for the “outdoorsy” father. So, hopefully this list gives some good ideas, and, that the receiver of said gifts enjoys them!

  • A Good Knife
    • Every outdoorsman (or woman) needs a good knife. I would not blindly buy one if you are unsure of what Dad wants, or if he even needs one (if you have a great knife, you do not need a replacement!). Rather, consult with Dad and find out specifically what he wants. Sure, it ruins the surprise aspect, but, he will be very thankful!
  • Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus
    • This is a great solar charger. I own one, and use it all of the time. If at home or on the road, I leave it charging the battery pack that it comes with in the car window, or hotel room, as well as my other emergency chargers that I have. It also has loops so it can clip onto the outside of a backpack with carabiners for charging on the trail, and, because it is a shiny surface, can also be used as a signaling device if needed!
  • Mountain House – Just in Case – Classic Assortment Bucket
    • Containing just about all of the classic mountain house meals, and two of each, this is a bucket of 12 Mountain House meals. When doing pre-trip shopping, these are between $8-$12/each at your local outdoor retailer, so this bucket is half of the cost of all of those individually, and, always having a supply (which will last for up to 25 years), is very handy, and saves a trip to the store before a weekend backpacking trip.
  • Gift Card
    • Now, these are kind of generic, but, if you give an EMS, REI, Amazon, or other gift card – your pops can purchase all of the outdoor equipment he likes. Those stores are like F.A.O. Schwartz for a 6 year old for me. It’s always Christmas when I walk in there! And it’s those stores where I can get in the most amount of financial trouble in as well 🙂
  • REI Down Booties
    • If your Dad likes backpacking in the winter, then look no further than the REI Down Booties. These are lightweight, compressible, and inexpensive. And there is nothing better than after a long day on the trail when you get to the shelter, to shed your hiking boots, and put on some comfortable and warm booties.

Happy Father’s Day!


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