The Perfect Trail Flask

I thought I’d keep with the alcohol theme today, since, if you’re like me, you have it evaporating out of your pores still from last night, and share what I think is the best, and most economical trail flask.

If by chance your pint of whatever you’re bringing out on the trail does not already come in one, buy something else while you’re at the liquor store that DOES come in a plastic flask-shaped bottle, and use that. Or, save any ones you may buy and recycle them for this or another purpose – give them as gifts to your hiker friends!

I ripped the label off, and applied some high-visibility duct tape (re-usable for any number of uses!) so I do not lose it.

So, if you’re bringing some happy juice, such as Jack Daniels on the trail with you for use at camp later, you now have a very lightweight and re-usable flask you can use, instead of the 1lb glass pints Jack comes in off the shelf.




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