Infographic-Interactive: Burn to Earn Your Favorite Apres Ski Foods

REI just recently posted this up onto the facebooks, and so, as my duty, not only to press the “thumbs up” button on said facebooks, but, also to share via my blog. And because is the skiing season – find out how much food you can stuff in your face based on your weight and amount of hours that you skied in this infographic.

Click here to use the interactive infographic from REI.



One thought on “Infographic-Interactive: Burn to Earn Your Favorite Apres Ski Foods

  1. And so begins the weekly infographic. Each and every week for the rest of 2013 on Wednesdays, I will be scouring the web for topical outdoorsy-ish related infographics to share with my readers, with my own sordid commentary. I hope you enjoy these! If you get sick of them, let me know in the comments 🙂

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