Just Your Average Tip: 2 (or more) Uses for Everything

2nd post of 2013, on January 2nd, and it just so happens to deal with the number 2! And no, not that number 2.

imageHave something in your pack that only has a single use? You should only have a few of those things floating around.

An example, especially now that we are in winter in the northern hemisphere, would be snowshoes. Although, you might be able to get crafty and use them as a snow anchor for a guyline for your tent? Who knows…

When choosing gear, and packing your pack, not only to conserve weight, but also space within your pack, try to make sure everything has at least two uses… Some examples can be found below:

  • Duct tape – endless possibilities! blister prevention, seam sealer, keep the sole on your boot, patch a hole in your tent, use as a bandage… it really is the universal soldier of adhesives.
  • Paracord – or any cordage really – replace boot laces, tent guylines, food bag hanging. If you could only have two things, I’d take these first two!
  • Garbage Bag – its intended use, rain poncho, pack rain cover, shelter, pretty much anything related to waterproofing, tarp, ground cover for seating

These are just some examples… all around my blog I list mutli-uses for everything. This is just a quick tip to remind you to look at your gear carefully, and see what you can replace with something you already have. The weight and space savings can be tremendous!

Leave your multi-use tips in the comments!


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