Just Your Average Tip: Paracord Bracelets

Paracord bracelets are useful in themselves, while I do not wear one daily, when I am travelling, either elsewhere via plane, train or automobile, or, if I am in the woods, I do have one, either on me, or in my bag.

As I was testing my pack loading this weekend (yes, I know my backpacking trip is weeks away!), I realized I needed another accessory strap for my trekking poles on my pack, and low and behold, in comes the paracord bracelet to the rescue!

So, if you need an accessory strap, think of your paracord bracelet, or, if you don’t have one or two, go out and get a couple, and you now have a new use for them, as well as an extra 10’ of paracord.




One thought on “Just Your Average Tip: Paracord Bracelets

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