Just Your Average Tip: Busted Gear? Try Your Local Cobbler

Local cobbler? Sure, they can repair shoes… but what else? Turns out a bit more!

I have a not-so-secret love affair with my pack. It is an REI Talus 50. It’s a technical pack, which works for all occasions, all seasons, and has all of the right loops and straps where I need them for how I carry my gear. In fact I have about 5 other posts that I am dedicating just to this pack, and probably more down the road… that’s just what I’ve already started writing on.


I recently suffered a loss of one of the buckles on the top-lid of my pack (highlighted in the image below). Since it is winter time – and I am overloaded with gear, I cannot go without this strap. Thankfully I happened while at home, although it is nothing that some duct tape and paracord cannot do on the trail for a quick-fix.


I am several weeks away from a backpacking trip, so sending it off to an outfit like Rainy Pass Repair is out of the question, due to the roughly six-week turnaround time (and budget for expedited service)… otherwise I would send it in an instant!

I quickly got on twitter and pinged my local REI store (The Cranston, RI REI store ROCKS!!) and was on the phone to who I needed to talk to within minutes, and 7 days later, my replacement buckles arrive! I ripped open the package, only to find out that they were not the correct kind. I also searched high and low for replacements for this buckle, and have been unable to do so 😦


Luckily, the one who is the go-to person for any fabric repair and sewing needs in my family, my mother-in-law, was just pulling up in the driveway. Unfortunately, her sewing machine cannot handle heavy fabrics and leather, but, she suggested to bring it down to the cobbler, who had repaired a strap on a ski-bag for her.

Sure enough, I brought the pack in to the cobbler, and he sewed loops onto the pack where the old buckles were with his heavy-duty sewing machine, with the new buckles there, and now it is stronger than it was before. So my pack lives on for another trip!



4 thoughts on “Just Your Average Tip: Busted Gear? Try Your Local Cobbler

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