Hitting the Links…


And we’re not talking golf here… I want to highlight a section of the blog here which I think people are glossing over as they visit, and that would be… wait for it… Links!

In my links section, I don’t just have links to other blogs (which I do), I have a whole lot more in there that may or may not be worthy of a blog post itself.

The Links are broken into the following categories:

Just Your Average Hiker

Contains links to other sites which I have content on, like Kindle, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


This section contains links to outdoor gear retailers that I frequent.

Outdoors-ish Bloggers

Blogs in which I frequent, which deal with outdoorsy-ish things, like this blog.

Groups and Associations

Contains links to hiking clubs, trail maintenance groups, and other outdoorsy-ish associations.


Links to useful resources, such as free topo maps, calculators, and more.

Favorite Campgrounds and Parks

Some of my favorite campgrounds and parks.

My Other Blog(s)

I’ll let you figure this one out on your own.


And that’s it. I am constantly updating this as I follow a new blog, find a new resource, or, fire up a new blog. Enjoy!


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