Just Your Average Tip: Saved eBay Searches


Have a piece of gear you love more than anything? Cannot get it anymore? Created a saved search on eBay and be notified when one comes up for auction, then you can get a backup – for parts, or, as a complete replacement.

To setup a saved search, do the following…

  1. Search for what you are looking for on eBay in the search box
  2. Click on Save next to the search button on the right of the search box
  3. It will then prompt you to name your search, so name it what you wish, and then check the box for Email me daily when new items match my search, and you will not notified if something pops up matching your search criteria, and click Save

When done, you’ll see a small confirmation box, letting you know that is has been saved successfully

If you want to see your saved searches, click on the My eBay menu at the top of the page, and select Saved searches. From here you can run and manage your saved searches.



Now if only my search for my REI Talus 50 pack would hit… I would have a backup of my favorite pack, for either use or spare parts.


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