Just Your Average Tip: Gorilla Glue

imageI have no idea anymore what model my boots are. The tags are all faded, and any markings except for the REI tag on the front of the boots, you really cannot tell what they are.

Got them about 10 years ago from REI, and they are still going strong today.

The only thing I have had to replace on them has been the laces thus far.

… and thus far being before my last backpacking trip.

On the trail, we gandered over what we saw laying there between some rocks and wet mud… we finally decided as we got close and examined it, that it was the outer sole of a hiking boot. At that moment, I thought to myself… wow, thank god I never had that happen! My boots have been great, after all of the pain I have put them through, except for a high amount of wear on the rubber and some laces… these puppies are still going strong.

After I got home after the rainy trip, as I was looking over my gear, I noticed on one of my boots, all but 1/4th of the outer sole on the right boot had come unglued. Rut-roh!

I could take them to the cobbler, but, I thought I would try something else first… Gorilla Glue.

If you’re not familiar with it… it is like Krazy Glue, for everything else that Krazy Glue will not work for. Wood, metal, leather, rubber, small woodland animals…

So I slopped on a hearty amount, and guess what? After about 10 day hikes since… they are still holding strong.

I had to use my knife and cut off all of the excess hardened “foam” from the glue, and there is still a bunch of residue which will come off eventually… maybe… this is just great stuff. I have no idea what the cobbler does use, but, it must be something equal to or less than Gorilla Glue.

I am not suggesting packing this along, it takes time to set and cure… if your boot sole goes on the trail… a healthy application of duct tape over the laces and under the arch of the boot will hold… and for a few days at that when on the trail… but when you get home, and have to fix-up your gear, Gorilla Glue is a fine addition to your gear maintenance kit.


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