Infographic: 5 Legendary Hike Spots Around the Globe

The infographic this week comes to us from TrailBlazer, located close to me in New England in Connecticut. Hi neighbor! The infographic this week covers the “5 Legendary Hike Spots Around the Globe”. All of which, I have yet to get to… maybe add these to my life list?

Enjoy, and check back next week for another infographic!




4 thoughts on “Infographic: 5 Legendary Hike Spots Around the Globe

  1. I don’t understand peoples’ love of the Grand Canyon. There are so many other hikes I’d recommend before that one. But I’m happy when I see a graphic like this, especially from a well-respected publication, because it means my trails won’t be so crowded. 😉

    • Thanks, didn’t know I had graduated to well-respected, my Mom will be so proud! But you most likely mean Trailblazer 🙂 The GC… I have unfortunately never had the chance to go there (yet). I am guessing because it is so vast, scenic, and the term “majestic” is often used while describing it. It is a definite “life list” item. So, what are the coordinates of your trails? 🙂

      • I’d do most of the trails through Canyonlands before the Grand Canyon. They’re carved by the same river into the same sort of rock, but the trails are virtually empty instead of looking like Manhattan at lunch hour. And I think they’re more bizarre looking.

        My trails these days are in the northern Cascade Range. The best of all of them might be Cascade Pass; 65 people were stranded there recently, NPS had to use a helicopter to bring them lunch. You get to see a dramatic and abrupt change in climate, walk on a glacier, and stand in a magnificent cirque with a dozen waterfalls coming down the faces. Add most of Mount Baker country to the list: Hannegan Pass, Yellow Aster Butte, Tomyhoi Peak, Park Butte and Railroad Grade… And then the Enchantment Lakes basins, these are bare glacier-polished granite with receding glaciers, peaks galore, and friendly mountain goats.

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